PHP Quick Reference
for PHP: 5.3+ | 7.0 | 7.1 | 7.2 | 7.3
last PHP: 7.4.10 | 7.3.22 | 7.2.33

PECL: Latest releases:
2020-09-19: xhprof 2.2.1
2020-09-18: swoole 4.5.4
2020-09-18: oauth 2.0.7
2020-09-17: parallel 1.1.4
2020-09-16: xdebug 2.9.7

PEAR: Latest releases:
2020-09-15: Archive_Tar 1.4.10
2020-09-15: HTML_QuickForm2 2.2.0
2020-09-15: pearweb 1.31.0
2020-09-11: pearweb 1.30.0
2020-09-09: Validate_IE 1.1.1

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PHP Appendices

PHP Core Extensions

These are not actual extensions. They are part of the PHP core and cannot be left out of a PHP binary with compilation options.

PHP Bundled Extensions

These extensions are bundled with PHP.

PHP External Extensions

These extensions are bundled with PHP but in order to compile them, external libraries will be needed.

PHP PECL Extensions

These extensions are available from » PECL. They may require external libraries. More PECL extensions exist but they are not documented in the PHP manual yet.

PHP Experimental Extensions

The behaviour of these extensions - including the names of their functions and anything else documented about these extensions - may change without notice in a future release of PHP. Use these extensions at your own risk.

PHP Frameworks and Applications

PHP PEAR Extensions

These extensions are available from » PEAR.

PHP Deprecated Extensions

These extensions have been deprecated usually in the favor of some other extensions.

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